Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week of April 7 to 13

As it was a busy week, I did only a few hours of stitching. This week's rotation was the snowman trivet and the moose.

It's becoming a very tedious project. The light-blue 1-strand half-stitch of the snow over the white aida is ridiculous...I should have used the light blue aida and used the white floss instead. The pattern also asks for the backstitching...lots of them. Looking at the pic, it may not be necessary. I need to look at the finished scarf first before I decide.

Oh well, it's for the church bazaar taking place during the holiday season. The trivets have always been very popular at the bazaar, which is why I'm making some this year.

Yep, I bought the pattern on eBay from one of those people who convert all cross stitch patterns from real images. Yes, those crooked people who sell those goshawful "computerized" patterns. However, this seller has a gallery of finished works from her buyers which impressed me. I didn't see the finished moose though, so as soon as I finish my project, my photos will go up on her gallery.

Anyway, I can finish one 10x10 box in under an hour. It's a huge, very ambitious project, but if I do one box every day, I could be done by the end of this year. It'll be framed and hung in Newby's office.